Discharge from hospital

Depending on your choice, you return home after your stay in the hospital or you stay in a rehabilitation center or recovery center for a number of weeks.


In both cases you will receive the following documents upon discharge:

  • A prescription for blood-thinning Clexane syringes.
  • Provide a prescription for home nurse.
  • A blue document with:
    • The data to make an appointment with control RX two months after the operation date in the Latem Medical Center.
    • A note for the GP
    • The prescription for your physiotherapist.
  • A 'HOOS questionnaire' which you fill in two months after the procedure and which you enter during the audit


You do not have to pay a financial advance when you leave the hospital. The so-called unit invoice for your stay in the hospital will be sent to you later at home, after your discharge from the hospital

Certificates and forms

Have all forms (health insurance, hospitalization insurance, certificates of all kinds ...) filled in at the secretariat of the Medical Center Latem, Kortrijksesteenweg 53, 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem and not in the hospital.